Ten units cover the essential language needed to be successful in the business world covering everything from soft skills such as telephoning, small talk and presentations through the most important elements of business communication, for example orders, payments and reminders, to looking at different business areas like advertising, marketing and logistics.

The students learn and practice the English they need for typical professional situations such as customer consultations, troubleshooting on the telephone, understanding instruction manuals and answering emails.

A wealth of role-plays, dialogues, reading texts and listening exercises give students training to become industrial management assistants. Students will find themselves gaining experience in answering telephone calls, organizing international meetings, learning about production processes and negotiating payment and delivery.

The book is for students in banking and for professionals who work with English speaking and international customers. Topics include: opening an account, payments, credit cards, savings and investment, personal borrowing, business and global banking. Communicative and intercultural competences are trained as well as basic language structures.

Each unit covers the language required in everyday office situations ranging from general secretarial activities such as telephoning, preparing presentations and arranging business meetings to the preparation of the main elements of commercial correspondence from enquiries through to reminders.

Technical Matters can be used by students in any technical field as each unit combines everyday working English with a technical context, e.g. advising customers, planning a job, using tools and instruments, troubleshooting, preventing accidents and providing after-sales service.

This is the ideal book for any student planning their future in wholesale and foreign trade. Based on a case-study approach, each unit gives a practical insight into many professional situations such as making contact with business partners, handling trade documents, arranging travel to a trade fair, negotiating deals and dealing with exports and insurance.